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Sun Feb 25 14:53:33 2018

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TitleOpenCV, Computer Vision and Robotics Tutorials at AI Shack (view sites with similar title)
Category: Computers / Artificial Intelligence / Vision
Description Free OpenCV tutorials, computer vision articles and basic robotics and electronics
Keywordsopencv, comptuer vision, machine vision, tracking, sift, surf, fast, features, face detection
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Twitter @aishack
OpenCV, machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence. It all here on my blog - tutorials, fun projects, articles, news!
Got to know about ARNav from the Le Web conference. Looks interesting.

Aishack - Site Review: AI Shack - Tutorials and projects based on computer vision and machine learning. Very suitable for people just starting with image processing.

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opencv, Computer Vision and Robotics Tutorials at AI Shack AI Shack Clear tutorials for the enthusiast Home Tutorials Blog About Contact First Second Three SuDoKu Grabber with opencv.
Here’s an interesting project that I’ll be taking your over the next few days. We’ll create an app that can recognize a SuDoKu puzzle from a picture taken by a camera (maybe on a phone). Read more Using opencv on Windows.
Hi! I’ve put together a few short articles that will get you started with your first step in using opencv on Windows! By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be proficient at: Read more sift: Scale Invariant Feature Transform.
Matching features across different images in a common problem in computer vision. When all images are similar in nature (same scale, orientation, etc) simple corner detectors can work. Read more Recent Tutorials Scanning QR Codes.
T hese days, you can see QR codes almost everywhere. You see them at stores, on products, on screens. So one day, I was curious how the gears are put ...

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  1. AI Shack
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  4. About
  5. Contact
  6. simple corner detectors
  7. Algorithms
  8. Computer Vision
  9. Featured
  10. Neural Networks
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  16. Tracking colored objects in OpenCV
  17. Implementing SIFT in OpenCV
  18. The hough transform
  19. Labelling connected components
  20. Why OpenCV?
  21. The different neural network architectures
  22. Primitive structures in OpenCV
  23. Cropping robotics arena boundaries
  24. Memory layout of matrices of multidimensional objects
  25. Capturing images with DirectX
  26. OpenCV Memory Management

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