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Fri Apr 26 01:29:25 2019

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TitleBlog Know How (view sites with similar title)
Description Blog Know How Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Bloggers Friday, January 20, 2012 How to Access Old Style Templates in Blogger (Blogspot) "Can I still use the old default templates for my Blogger blog (Blogspot blog)?" is a frequent question I am...
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Blog Know How.Blog Know How. Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Bloggers. Friday, January 20, 2012.
How to Access Old Style Templates in Blogger (Blogspot) "Can I still use the old default templates for my Blogger blog (Blogspot blog)?" is a frequent question I am asked on Blog Know How pretty often. Other people have asked me about the template I am using and how to get it. In answer to the first question as you can see older style templates do work on Blogger. And with respect to the second question the template I am using on Blog Know How is an enhanced version of the Rounders 3 Blogger template which is one of the older style default Blogger templates available from 2006 onwards.
In today's Blogger tutorial I am going to show you how to access the older style default Blogger templates (Blogspot templates) and activate them on your Blogger blog. This tutorial is mostly written for those new to Blogger who might not realise that there are a number of default Blogger layouts released in 2006 ...

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265357 2013-04-01
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239449 2013-01-30
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