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Wed Apr 25 20:42:58 2018

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TitleLoves me ; loves me not
Description Thursday, 3 January 2013 I want someone... I want someone to hold me when I am down I want someone to hug me When I frown I want someone to Kiss my fears away I want someone who promises to stay I want someone to treat me like an equal I want someone to...
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Loves me ; loves me not. Thursday, 3 January 2013. I want someone... I want someone to hold me.
when I am down. I want someone to hug me. When I frown. I want someone to. Kiss my fears away.
I want someone. who promises to stay. I want someone to. treat me like an equal. I want someone to.
let me be a little vocal. I want someone. who treats me nice. I want someone. who takes my advice.
I want someone who. makes me feel beautiful. I want someone. with whom i feel blissful.
I know such friends exist. I know they are there. But why are they hiding in a mist. disappearing into thin air ?
Posted by. domesticgoddess-nextdoor. 08:15.27 comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.
Sunday, 30 December 2012. Our world is falling apart. I walk around with smile on my face.
But inside I am frowning. Everything around me is a sheer disgrace. In despair I am drowning. go, what to do.feel so helpless. If.only the evil I could shoo. I am tired

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