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TitleDirectorate General of Employment Training, Ministry of LabourEmployment, Govt. of India
Description Directorate General of Employment Training (DGET) Ministry of Labour Employment Government of India Ministry of Labour Employment Introduction Evolution Major Functions Task Responsibilities Executive Summary Feedback 9?&@ 8> I TI's Information...
KeywordsLabour, Ministry, Labour Ministry, Govt. of India, Government of India, Employment & Training, Vocational Training, Employment market Information, Vocational Guidance, Training, National vocational Training Scheme, Employment Directorate, Woman Training, Apprenticeship, Apprenticeship Training, employment training, career , ITI information, Industrial Training, Trade, Trade syllabus, right to information
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Dget - Site Review: Directorate General of Employment & Training - Provides details of training and employment schemes.

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Directorate General of Employment training, ministry of labour.Employment, Govt. of India.
Directorate General of Employment. training (DGET) ministry of. labour Employment. government of india.
ministry. of labour Employment. Introduction. Evolution. Major. Functions. Task. Responsibilities.
Executive. Summary. Feedback. 9?&@ 8> I TI's. Information Service. Annual. Report.
Acts. Rules. Forms. Intradget. Applications. Tenders. Awards. trade.Syllabus. Latest.
Norms Standards of trades for ITIs/ITCs for setting upnew Institute. (ITIs/ ITCs) Directories.
Results. Publications. Implementation. of PM’s new 15 point programme for the Welfare of minorities.
Affiliation of ITI/ITCs. NCO. 2004. Right to. Information. Result Frame. Document. Coordinated.
Action on Skill Development by Planning Commission. Extension. of Admission(CTS) Orders/ Seniority List/ Circulars.
trade Testing/ Certification Exam Schedules and other related information. DGET MIS. Result of JTA Held on 3rd ...

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  1. Ministry of Labour Employment
  2. Introduction
  3. Evolution
  4. Major Functions
  5. Task Responsibilities
  6. Executive Summary
  7. Feedback
  8. हिंदी साईट
  9. I TI's Information Service
  10. Annual Report
  11. Acts Rules
  12. Forms
  13. Intradget Applications
  14. Tenders
  15. Awards
  16. Trade Syllabus
  17. Latest Norms Standards of trades for ITIs/ITCs for setting upnew Institute (ITIs/ ITCs)
  18. Directories
  19. Results
  20. Publications
  21. Implementation of PM’s new 15 point programme for the Welfare of minorities
  22. Affiliation of ITI/ITCs
  23. NCO 2004
  24. Right to Information
  25. Result Frame Document
  26. Coordinated Action on Skill Development by Planning Commission
  27. Extension of Admission(CTS)
  28. Orders/ Seniority List/ Circulars
  29. Trade Testing/ Certification Exam Schedules and other related information
  30. DGET MIS
  31. Result of JTA Held on 3rd & 4th April 2013 at NVTI Noida(UP).
  32. UKIERI Skill Development Programme
  33. EOI for services of Consultancy Organization to undertake two separate studies in respect of Vocational Training for Women.
  34. Annual Report to The People on Employment 2011
  35. Engagement of QCI for accreditation of Government and Private Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs).
  36. Implementation Orders of 40 th Meeting of National Council of Vocational Training
  37. EOI for empanelment of Nodal Agencies under CRR Scheme to be implemented by DPE
  38. Date Extended
  39. Skill Development Initiative Scheme
  40. Memorandum of Standing Finance Committee along with Detailed Project Report
  41. Minutes of the meeting of Expenditure Finance Committee held on 11.01.2011
  42. Revised Annexure-III Format
  43. Agenda of 40th NCVT Meeting Scheduled to be held on 16th December, 2011
  44. Granting Affiliation from NCVT to Government and Private ITIs for limited period of time of 5 years.
  45. Minutes of 40th NCVT Meeting held on 16th December, 2011
  46. Order of 38th Metting of National Council for Vocational Training
  47. Annual Report to The People on Employment 2010
  48. Enhancing Skill Development Infrastructure in North Eastern States Sikkim - Guide Lines
  49. Introduction of modular pattern of Craft Instructor Training Courses in NVTI/RVTIs - Adoption of revised draft syllabi
  50. Admission Notice for Short Term Vocational Courses in NVTI for Women, NOIDA
  51. Application Form
  52. Advertisement for Principles of Teaching (POT) - Old Pattern
  53. Revised Guidelines for setting up of Institute for Training of Trainers
  54. MTI Selection Merit List of ATI kanpur 2012
  55. National contest for teachers and DGET Instructors organised by Microsoft
  56. Admission Notice for CTS Courses for Women, 2012-2013
  57. Application Form
  58. Merit List(NVTI/RVTI)
  59. Admission Notice for Modular Crafts Instructor Training Courses for Women, 2012-13
  60. Application Form
  61. Important Notice for Admission Seekers in NCVT approved Trades in ITIs/ ITCs
  62. Introduction of IT Literacy Courses in ITIs
  63. Syllabus - Employability Skills
  64. Sub-groups under Working Group for Skill Development and Training for XIIth Five Year Plan (2012-17) along with their respective issues
  65. National Policy on Skill Development
  66. Office-wise/Scheme-wise distribution of the Budget Estimate 2009-10 (Plan and Non-Plan)
  67. Training Directorate
  68. Employment Directorate
  69. Craftsmen (ITI-Training)
  70. Apprenticeship
  71. Craft Instructor
  72. Craftsmen Instructor Training Scheme - Modular pattern w.e.f August 2009
  73. Advance Vocational
  74. Supervisory
  75. Women Training
  76. Research Staff Training
  77. Instructional Material Development
  78. Hi-Tech Training
  79. North Eastern States
  80. Modular Employable Skills (MES)
  81. /SDIS
  82. Center of Excellence
  83. World Bank Assisted Project
  84. Upgradation of 1396 Govt. ITIs through PPP
  85. Employment and Unemployment Scenario in India
  86. National Employment Service
  87. Employment Market Information
  88. Career Opportunities
  89. Self Employment Promotion
  90. Vocational Guidance Employment Counseling
  91. Aptitude Testing
  92. Vol.-I
  93. Vol.-II
  94. Vol.-III
  95. Hyderabad
  96. Kolkata
  97. Kanpur
  98. Chennai
  99. Mumbai
  100. Ludhiana
  101. Dehradun
  102. Hyderabad
  103. Bangalore
  104. Jamshedpur
  105. Haldwani
  106. Calicut
  107. Jodhpur
  108. Cuttack
  109. Chennai
  110. Faridabad
  111. Hyderabad
  112. Kanpur
  113. Kolkata
  114. Mumbai
  115. Apex Hi-Tech Bangalore
  116. Kolkata
  117. National Instructional Media Institute Chennai
  118. Chennai
  119. Central Institute for Research Training in Employment Service
  120. Coaching cum Guidance Center for SC/ST
  121. Person with disabilities toward Self-Employment
  122. Vocational Rehabilitation Centers for Handicapped
  123. FAQ
  124. Trainees of Vocational Rehabilitation Centres
  125. Noida
  126. Allahabad
  127. Bangalore
  128. Panipat
  129. Indore
  130. Jaipur
  131. Mumbai
  132. Tura
  133. Thiruvananthapuram
  134. Kolkata
  135. Vadodara
  136. Employment Training Gujarat
  137. Employment Self Employment Maharashtra
  138. Directorate of Vocational Education Training, Maharashtra
  139. Department of Employment Jammu Kashmir
  140. Directorate of Employment Training, Chhattisgarh
  141. Adobe Acrobat Reader Free Download site
  142. Population Education
  143. Portal for Public Grievance
  144. National Informatics Centre(NIC)

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