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TitleGreg Mankiw's Blog (view sites with similar title)
Description Greg Mankiw's Blog Random Observations for Students of Economics Tuesday, April 30, 2013 Stevenson-Wolfers on Reinhart-Rogoff They write : In the end, all the corrections advocated by the critics shift the average GDP growth for very-high-debt nations...
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Greg Mankiw's Blog. Greg Mankiw's Blog. Random Observations for Students of Economics. Tuesday, April 30, 2013.
Stevenson-Wolfers on Reinhart-Rogoff. They write : In the end, all the corrections advocated by the critics shift the average GDP growth for very-high-debt nations to 2.2 percent, from a negative 0.1 percent in Reinhart and Rogoff’s original work. The finding remains that economic growth is lower in very-high-debt countries (see chart). It has been disappointing to watch those on the left seize on the embarrassing Excel errors but ignore this bigger picture.
Click on graphic to enlarge. permanent link. Sunday, April 28, 2013. Snapshots from the Performance.
Photo credit: JACOB.BELCHER/HARVARD OFA. permanent link. The President as Financial Planner.
He and Michelle seem inattentive to their own finances : The Obamas paid $45,046 in mortgage interest in 2012, which appears from the disclosure statement to be at a 5.625% interest rate with Northern Trust. That suggests an ...

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