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TitleMaharashtra Pollution Control Board
Description Home About Us Introduction Constitution Of MPCB Present Board Organizational Structure Expertise Of MPCB Offices Laboratories Annual Report Circulars Consent Management Categorisation of industries(R/O/G) Industries Location Consent under water and Air...
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 Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. Home. About Us. Introduction. Constitution Of MPCB.
Present Board. Organizational Structure. Expertise Of MPCB. Offices. Laboratories. Annual Report.
Circulars. Consent Management. Categorisation of industries(R/O/G) Industries Location. Consent under water and Air Act.
Authorisation under BMW(MH)Rules,1998. Authorisation under HW(MH)Rules,2003. Constitution of consent committee.
Revision of consent fees. Notices. Tenders. Public Notices. Public Hearings. Conducted.
Upcoming. Circular. Exhibition of notice. Clarification on applicability. Job Openings.
Download. Procedure for conducting Public Hearing. Application form for. Combined Consent.
HW Authorisation. BMW Authorisation. MSW Authorisation. Water Cess Form-1. Water Cess Form-2.
CAC/CC processing format. Checklist of information to be submitted along with. Consent Application.
MSW Authorisation. Bank Guarantee format. Format for Appeals u/s 31(3) of Air(P CP)Act,1998.
Format for submission of ...

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  1. Introduction
  2. Constitution Of MPCB
  3. Present Board
  4. Organizational Structure
  5. Expertise Of MPCB
  6. Offices
  7. Laboratories
  8. Annual Report
  9. Circulars
  10. Categorisation of industries(R/O/G)
  11. Industries Location
  12. Consent under water and Air Act
  13. Authorisation under BMW(MH)Rules,1998
  14. Authorisation under HW(MH)Rules,2003
  15. Constitution of consent committee
  16. Revision of consent fees
  17. Tenders
  18. Public Notices
  19. Conducted
  20. Upcoming
  21. Exhibition of notice
  22. Clarification on applicability
  23. Job Openings
  24. Procedure for conducting Public Hearing
  25. Application form for
  26. Combined Consent
  27. HW Authorisation
  28. BMW Authorisation
  29. MSW Authorisation
  30. Water Cess Form-1
  31. Water Cess Form-2
  32. CAC/CC processing format
  33. Consent Application
  34. MSW Authorisation
  35. Bank Guarantee format
  36. Format for Appeals u/s 31(3) of Air(P CP)Act,1998
  37. Format for submission of Environmental statement
  38. Right to information Act 2005
  39. First Appellate Authority
  40. Second Appellate Authority
  41. Information officers
  42. Sec 4 of RTI Act 2005 as on 20/12/2012
  43. Email
  44. Air Quality
  45. Water Quality
  46. Noise Pollution
  47. Clean Technology Climate change
  48. Legal Matters
  49. Directions Status
  50. Related Topics Information
  51. Reports / Documents
  52. Industry Statistics
  53. Committees for Consent Management
  54. Consents Granted
  55. Consents Under Process
  56. Consents Refused
  57. Consents Search
  58. Accessing Consent Grant/Refuse Copy
  59. Hazardous Waste
  60. Biomedical Waste
  61. Municipal Solid Waste
  62. Common Effluent Treatment Plant
  63. Fly Ash Utilisation
  64. Plastic Waste
  65. Electronic Waste
  66. Comprehensive Environmental Pollution Index
  67. 80% city hospitals flout bio-waste disposal norms.
  68. Testing of Fire Crackers, 2012
  69. Government of India Ministry of Environment and Forest inviting nominations for the National Awards for Prevention of Polluton and Rajiv Gandhi Environment Award for Clean Technology for the year 2011-2012
  70. CAC Industry database as on 01/08/2012.
  71. Calender for compliance of Specific conditions in respect of CAC cases
  72. List of Direction issued in respect of CAC cases by respective Regional Officers as on 21.05.2012 - please see CAC Agenda-25.05.2012
  73. List of CAC cases which are due for Consent but not applied for Consent.
  74. List of CAC cases whose Revocation Order's are cancelled.
  75. Board launches the Auto Renewal Scheme of Consents based on Self Certifiction for Industries.
  76. Database of hospitals having 100 beds and above as on 23/02/2012.
  77. Show Cause Notice for Revoking the consents to the industries not submittedthe stipulated Bank Guarantee
  78. Scheme of auto renewal of Consents based on Self Certification.
  79. Entreprenur coming under CAC category are requested to provide their official Email Ids for better Services.
  80. Report on Status of Pollution of Panchganga River and its tributries 2009 prepared by committee under Chairmanship of SDM ichallkaranji.
  81. Note on Panchganga River
  82. Letter to Commissioner of Sugar
  83. Letter to Secretary Environment Department, GoM dtd. 07/02/2011
  84. Notice u/s 133 (1)(k) (CRPC)
  85. Closure direction issued to Textile processing units located at ichalkarnji and nearby area causing pollution of Panchganga River
  86. Minutes of the meeting of pollution of Panchganga River held on 15th June 2011
  87. Photo Gallery
  88. Events
  89. Awareness
  90. Health and Environment
  91. Weblinks
  92. FAQ's
  93. Contact Us
  94. Disclaimer
  95. Site Map

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