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TitleHome | STQC
Description Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) Directorate is an attached office of the Department of Information Technology(DIT), Government of India, provides quality assurance services in the area of Electronics and IT through countrywide network of laboratories and centres.
Keywordsstqc, software testing, calibration, website certification, training, IT and eGov, security testing, information testing, information security, etdc, ertl, cfr, cete, testing, certification
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Home | stqc. Skip to main content. Accessibility Options. Abbrevations. Select Theme. Home.
Feedback. Contact Us. Sitemap. stqc About stqc. Vision Mission. Organization Chart. Key People.
Citizen's Charter. Vigilance Grievances. stqc Accreditations. Online Query/ Feedback. testing About testing.
Electronics and Electrical Systems testing Component testing. Equipment System testing. Environmental testing.
Safety testing. EMI/EMC testing. Explosive Atmosphere Compatibility testing. Opto Electronics testing.
Solar PV testing. Reliability testing and Analysis. Software and System testing software testing and Assessment.
Software Process Assessment. Information security testing and Assessment. Our Accreditations and Recognitions.
Online Query/ Feedback. calibration About calibration. Electro Technical calibration. Non Electrical calibration.
High Precision calibration. On Site calibration. Medical Equipment calibration. Our Accreditations and Recognitions.
Online Query/Feedback. certification About ...

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  1. Government of India Department of Information Technology Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification Directorate
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  11. Home
  12. Feedback
  13. Contact Us
  14. Sitemap
  15. About STQC
  16. Vision Mission
  17. Organization Chart
  18. Key People
  19. Citizen's Charter
  20. Vigilance Grievances
  21. STQC Accreditations
  22. Online Query/ Feedback
  24. About Testing
  25. Electronics and Electrical Systems Testing
  26. Component Testing
  27. Equipment System Testing
  28. Environmental Testing
  29. Safety Testing
  30. EMI/EMC Testing
  31. Explosive Atmosphere Compatibility Testing
  32. Opto Electronics Testing
  33. Solar PV Testing
  34. Reliability Testing and Analysis
  35. Software and System Testing
  36. Software Testing and Assessment
  37. Software Process Assessment
  38. Information Security Testing and Assessment
  39. Our Accreditations and Recognitions
  41. About Calibration
  42. Electro Technical Calibration
  43. Non Electrical Calibration
  44. High Precision Calibration
  45. On Site Calibration
  46. Medical Equipment Calibration
  47. Online Query/Feedback
  49. About Certification
  50. Management System Certification Schemes
  51. ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) Certification
  52. Product Certification Schemes
  53. Product Safety Certification based on IEC Standards (S mark)
  54. IECEE-CB Certification Based on IEC Standards
  55. Agency Inspection Services
  56. Mgmt. System, Product Certification (IT e-Gov)
  57. ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification
  58. ISO 20001 IT Service Management (ITSM) Certification
  59. Common Criteria Certification
  60. Website Quality Certification
  61. Smart Card Testing and Certification
  62. Bio-metric Devices Testing and Certification
  64. About IT and e-Governance
  65. IT and e-Governance Training
  66. e-Governance Conformity Assessment
  67. Quality Assurance Framework
  69. About STQC Training
  70. Quality, Reliability and Laboratory Management
  71. Test Engineering and Skill Development
  72. Search a Training Course Schedule
  73. Training Calendar
  74. Training Brochures
  75. Intermediary Scheme
  77. ERTLs
  78. ERTL(North) Delhi
  79. ERTL(East) Kolkata
  80. ERTL(West ) Mumbai
  81. ERTL(South) Thiruvananthapuram
  82. ETDCs
  83. ETDC Bengaluru
  84. ETDC Chennai
  85. ETDC Hyderabad
  86. ETDC Pune
  87. ETDC Goa
  88. ETDC Jaipur
  89. ETDC Mohali
  90. ETDC Solan
  91. ETDC Guwahati
  92. ETDC Agartala
  93. CETEs
  94. CETE Hyderabad
  95. CETE Pune
  96. CETE Bengaluru
  97. CETE Kolkata
  98. CETE Noida
  99. IT Services Centres
  100. IT Centre Delhi
  101. IT Centre Kolkata
  102. IT Centre Bengaluru
  103. IT Centre Hyderabad
  104. IT Centre Chennai
  105. IT Centre Pune
  106. IT Centre Jaipur
  107. IT Centre Guwahati
  108. IT Centre Mohali
  109. IT Centre Thiruvananthapuram
  110. IIQM Jaipur
  111. CFR Chennai
  112. Regional Certification Offices
  113. Regional Certification Office (North)
  114. Regional Certification Office (East)
  115. Regional Certification Office (West)
  116. Regional Certification Office (South)
  117. STQC - RFD
  118. TENDER
  125. (External Website that opens in a new window)
  126. Notice on "Launch of IRIS Authentication Devices Certification Scheme"
  127. STQC IT Services Kolkata, announces One Day Seminar on "Website Qualiity Certification" -21st June 2013
  128. News
  129. AJMER
  130. External website that opens in a new window
  132. Web Policies
  133. Copyright Policy
  134. Terms Conditions
  135. Screen Reader
  136. Accessibility Statement
  137. Help

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